1. Concept and Remix Derivative Compilations from original masters featuring tracks and remixes in the following genres:

– Neo samba

– Latin jazz and salsa

– neo R&B & soul

– Afro jazz

– Alternative /progressive jazz

– Classic jazz

– Blues

2. loops, samples, intros, outros, interludes, fills, beds, grooves, vamps, etc.

3. New Artist Recordings:

–   BB King USSR Live –

– “Ainu” with Antoine and prodigy Kojo Odu Roney

– “All Times Are In It” with legendary jazzrock fusion artist Horacee Arnold

– The NY Latin All Stars with Tito Puente/Ray Barreto alumni

– Blue Soul Samba featuring Patrick DeSantos, Romero Lubambo, Luther Vandross, Ron Carter, et al.

Current projects include recently discovered tapes of B.B. King’s live 1979 concert in Tblisi, Georgia which was recorded during his historic State Department tour in the Soviet Union (Leder co-produced another B.B. King concert recorded that year in Oxford Mississippi., and is developing a property for theater, television and film featuring songs written by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame songwriter icon Beverly Ross (Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Bill Haley, et al), and inspired by her autobiography “I Was The First Woman Phil Spector Killed”.