Riley B. King (nicknamed B.B. for "blues boy") became one of the greatest and most influential blues guitarists ever through more than half a century of touring and recording.




Lillias White - A lot of my more cynical colleagues may grumble that singers in the worlds of both jazz and Broadway ain't what they used to be - and indeed, to watch what passes for talent in the pop mainstream and on American Idol is to despair. However, I have the opposite problem. There are so many great singers out there, in both fields, that to stand out you have not only be much better than good, you have to have something especially distinctive. Lillias White is such a singer...Read more here
Horacee Arnold's legendary and coveted "Tales of the Exonerated Flea". This recording truly captures some of the finest Jazz Rock musicians of the day playing at a timeless peak of perfection in a genre that has been largely overlooked and forgotten about by most.

Steven Kroon  "In My Path" booklet